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Hannari Maiko Plan ¥ 8,000 people
Maiko Transformation Plan ¥ 12,000 people
True Maiko Transformation Plan ¥16,500 people
Child Maiko Plan (120 to 130 cm only) ¥12,000 people
Geisha Transformation Plan ¥13,200 people
Maiko · Geisha Transformation Plan ¥22,000 people
Couples Plan (Maiko · Men Kimono / Shinsengumi) ¥19,800 people
Parent-child transformation plan ¥23,000 people
Shinsengumi plan ¥8,000 people
"Rental" kimonos Komon Plan(Spring and summer only) ¥5,500 people
"Rental" Men's Kimono Plan(Spring and summer only) ¥5,500 people
Walking around with a maiko experience (going out)
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