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We will introduce impressions, letters and photographs from customers who experienced Maiko experience.※ The voices of customers posted here and photos etc. have obtained permission of publication.

Good memories. The location was good, it was very convenient.

The other day my daughter was indebted. I have taken pictures before I go to Kyoto because it is 13 visitors this year.

Friends in Kyoto said "I'm cute if I give it to Maiko-san", so I thought of taking a dream. I searched for various things on the net, but I liked the beautiful and adorable kimono "Maikozaka" among them. It was very convenient as it was able to stop the friend's car at the parking lot as well as the location. I thought it was good when I saw my daughter's dancing maiko.

It was lovely with a dress like Spring. My father was also pleased that it was worth the trouble to go look. I regret that it rained but I think that it was a good memory. But my daughter said that "real Maiko is hard work." It seems that it was a good study. I'm really thankful to you

Hiroshima City T

Kimono Dress up Studio『MAIKOZAKA』

Experience nice Japan with Maiko transformation

I am studying Japanese culture at an American university.

I was fascinated by Japanese culture since I saw the kimono, a traditional Japanese culture. I also got interested in Japanese dance and tea ceremony.

This time is my third visit to Japan, but I first experienced Maiko transformation. Kimono was not painful as I thought, it was hard to choose with only very beautiful kimono.

I think that I was able to touch the real Japanese culture in Maiko experience. Thank you very much.

From J

Kimono Dress up Studio『MAIKOZAKA』

It became a yearning maiko! !

Maiko is a longing since childhood, so I'm very happy because I wanted to make it to Kyoto.

The material of the kimono was very good, even with photographs it glowed.

Although we were nervous at the beginning, we kindly responded to everyone of the staff, but thank you for having gradually released our feelings and make it a good time.

From Y

Kimono Dress up Studio『MAIKOZAKA』

Maiko experience, the best memories! !

I was touched by teaching Kyoto traveling beginners a lot about Kyoto with very kind correspondence.

It was nice to have kimono so cute.

Also, I want to experience Kyoto.

Thank you very much.

From E

Kimono Dress up Studio『MAIKOZAKA』

It was a fairytale experience!

Make up, it was seen younger than age.

I have experienced that I can hardly experience and it was a very good memory.

From S

Kimono Dress up Studio『MAIKOZAKA』

Other Customer's Voice

"It is very disappointing that we did not have time and could not take a walk this time." From U

"I was glad that many pictures were taken." From K

"I was deeply moved and I was deeply impressed. Thank you for making me more cute than I thought." From S

"I got a wonderful kimono carefully and I was able to spend a relaxing time." From A

"It was a little embarrassing to see by everyone as I walked outside, but I was happy. Thank you very much and I will come and visit again."From O

Kimono Dress up Studio『MAIKOZAKA』